African Tourism Board Inaugurates Technical Commissions as Restructuring Continues

African Tourism Board has inaugurated eight Technical Commissions as part of arms that would drive the organisation’s agenda in it’s quest of making “Africa become one tourism destination of choice in the world”, also in line with the restructuring process.

The inauguration cum introduction of the Commissioners took place virtually yesterday where they were all told to be fully dedicated to the organisation’s mission and vision.

In his introduction, Amb. Dine Bouraima, the Chairman of the Selection Committee gave the historical background into the selection process and charged them to display a high sense of responsibility in the discharge of their responsibilities as Commissioners of the organisation.

He also seized the opportunity to appreciate other members of the Selection Committee which included Amb. Kazeem Balogun, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, Amb. Hiwote Anberbir and Amb. Angela Diamantino for their dedication.

Opening the meeting, the President of ATB, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube welcomed the Commissioners and seized the opportunity to extend his appreciation to the Committee.

Amb. Kazeem Balogun, Secretary of the Selection Committee who read out the names of the Commissioners also advised them to show more dedication on their part towards the organisation.

The inaugurated Commissioners were Amb. Charity Chitinji, Head of Events and Travel Management Commission; Amb. Amaka Amatokwu-Ndekwu, Head of Marketing and Promotion Commission; Amb. Peace Onuiri, Head of Health and Safety Commission; Amb. Francis Mugoga, Head of Sustainable Tourism Products Development Commission.

Others were Amb. Nonofo Lebang, Head of Human Resources and Membership Development Commission; Amb. Pauline Vissoh, Head of Legal Matters Commission; Amb. Fatim Tollah, Head of Finance/Fund Mobilisation Commission and Amb. Betty Mahugu, Head of Women, Children and Youth Commission.

ATB President, Cuthbert Ncube further admonished the Commissioners to be prepared for the task ahead saying the responsibility “is not an easy task”.
He informed them not to see the offices as a form of self-aggrandizement but a call to duty which requires all hands to be on deck to deliver the huge task ahead of them. He also gave a note of warning that non performance would not be allowed.

The Commissioners however expressed their appreciations and pledged to give their best in the actualisation of the assignments.

Other Board Members present were Mrs. Nancy Abdelhadi, Mr.Yehia Elhajj, Mrs. Hiwotie Anbirbir and Mr. Frank Mugisha who also expressed appreciation to the Committee and gave their unreserved support for the Commissioners in the course of discharging their responsibilities.

The Commissioners are expected to swing into action as soon as possible to start dishing out the deliverables.

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