Afreximbank: Dangote on a Courtesy Visit to Oramah at Afreximbank’s Headquarters in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

In a notable display of camaraderie and strategic collaboration, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the revered Founder and Chairman of Dangote Industries Ltd, graced the headquarters of Afreximbank in Cairo with his presence. This rendezvous marked a significant moment in the ongoing partnership between the two entities. Mr. Dangote’s visit was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from Afreximbank, as he is recognized as both an esteemed partner and a cherished friend of the institution.

During the course of their meeting, Mr. Dangote took the opportunity to express his admiration for the fruitful collaborations that have been instrumental in bringing to fruition several monumental infrastructure projects, with the Dangote Oil Refinery serving as a prime example. This refinery, touted as the largest of its kind on the continent, stands as a beacon of Africa’s industrial capabilities, boasting a remarkable capacity to churn out up to 4.5 billion litres of refined oil annually.

In response, President Benedict Oramah of Afreximbank echoed Mr. Dangote’s sentiments, applauding the shared vision that underpins their partnership. Both parties are deeply committed to the noble cause of transforming trade dynamics and fostering widespread prosperity across the African continent through the vehicle of industrialization. This shared commitment underscores the symbiotic relationship between Dangote Industries Ltd and Afreximbank, with both entities playing pivotal roles in advancing Africa’s economic agenda.

The exchange of accolades and reaffirmation of shared goals during this high-profile meeting served as a testament to the enduring strength of the partnership between Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Afreximbank. As the dialogue continues and collaborative efforts intensify, the prospects for intra-African trade and sustainable economic development are poised to reach new heights.

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