African Tourism Board Applauds President Ruto’s Visa Policy in Kenya

Following the decision of His Excellency, William Ruto, President, Republic of Kenya to wave visa requirements for would be visitors to Kenya, starting from January 2024, the African Tourism Board has appreciated and applauded such a pragmatic move.

The organization’s President, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube expressed his appreciation to President Ruto and the good people of Kenya, describing it as a right step in the right direction in the area of seamless travel within the continent.

On behalf of the African Tourism Board, l want to express our profound appreciation, applauding President Ruto’s unwavering desire to creating an integrated Africa where Africans and the people of the world can have a seamless travel to destination Kenya.

At ATB, this has been part of our agenda, and we are working tirelessly at ensuring that the entire continent is connected with ease in line with the African Union – is our main partner in driving tourism and travel initiatives at the continental level in conformity with Agenda 2063.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, President, African Tourism Board

At our recently held sideline event at the Intra-African Trade Fair, organized by Afreximbank in Cairo, we gathered high – level experts from the travel sector and beyond where they deliberated on the best possible ways to achieving tourism sustainability and growth in Africa, part of their submissions was hinged on seamless travel through visa elimination, an indication that Kenya is already towing that path, and we are pleased at the promptness showing the country is intentional, having arrived at the starting date.

We will continue to advocate free movement initiative for Africans with other countries in order to achieve our aim”, Ncube said.

You will recall that President Ruto indicated severally to facilitate seamless arrival for visitors to Kenya in his speeches which will come to affect as early as January 2024.

Kenya is joining countries like Benin Republic, Rwanda and Seychelles that have fully eliminated visa hindrance for Africans and other visitors.

The hope is that more countries would be the footstep of the above mentioned countries by making it easy for Africans to visit other African countries without the hindrance emanating from visa issuance.

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