Sports Minister Says Ministry Has High Priority for Athletes’ Welfare

Accra, Ghana

Nigeria’s Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Ownan Enoh has re-echoed the government’s strong sense of priority to the welfare of athletes, affirming that the Ministry of Sports Development is dedicated to working tirelessly for their benefit.

Senator Enoh emphasized, “Every effort is being made to be on top of the need to ensure the welfare of athletes is well taken care of. We need to make sure they have everything they are supposed to have.” The declaration underscored the Ministry’s steadfast determination to provide athletes with the necessary support and resources to thrive in their respective sports.

Recognizing the importance of fostering a positive atmosphere within Nigerian sports, Senator Enoh emphasized the need to concentrate on generating optimistic energy. He stressed the significance of nurturing a vibrant and supportive environment that encourages athletes to perform at their best and achieve remarkable feats on both national and international platforms.

Furthermore, Senator Enoh urged Team Nigeria to surpass previous achievements and set new records at the upcoming African Games. By encouraging athletes to aim higher and strive for excellence, the Ministry aims to inspire a culture of continuous improvement and achievement in Nigerian sports.

As the Ministry of Sports Development continues to champion the welfare of athletes, Senator Enoh reaffirmed the government’s commitment to providing unwavering support and resources to empower athletes to reach their full potential

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