Federal Ministry of Tourism Identifies with the African Youth Tourism Festival

Abuja, Nigeria

Setting collaborative efforts on the Youth Tourism Development in Nigeria, the Minister of Tourism, Lola Ade- John has identified with the forthcoming African Youth Tourism Festival billed to hold from 16th to 20th April, at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, Nigeria.

This was confirmed when the Founder of the African Youth Festival, Ambassador Ayo Omotoso paid a courtesy visit to the Honorable Minister in Abuja. In response to the briefing by Omotoso, the Minister emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts such as this, stressing the fact that the new policies under her watch are aimed at ensuring that tourism is sustainable within the states across the country.

The African Youth Tourism Festival is of international importance, as a veritable platform to engage the younger generation in their quest to explore and to venture into the vast value chain that tourism provides, whatever their areas of interest.”

Furthermore, Omotoso, who is also the CEO of Travelogue Communications Ltd, said that, “It is a good synergy to have support from the Ministry of Tourism to identify with the African Youth Tourism Festival”.

He also sees tourism as a potential socio-economic platform for sustainable development and should be used as an instrument to engage the youth across board.

The teeming youth population statistics globally and in Nigeria is an indication that they should embrace and create a source of living through tourism.”

The 2024 African Youth Tourism Festival is billed to be a convergence of youths in tourism and related services. We invite you to join the largest gathering of young and brilliant minds to explore and discuss contemporary issues related to the sustainable tourism agenda for African youths”. He said.

According to him, the event will witness lots of activities such as: Conferences and Exhibitions, Musical and Cultural Display, 100 Talking Drummers Ensemble, African Food Carnival, City Tour, Beach Tourism Party, Talents Discovery, Hospitality Fiesta, and Fashion Show among others.

Omotoso stated that: “With rich contents and colourful attractions, this convergence of African youths from 54 countries shall be a massive event in the annals of tourism propagation in Lagos, Nigeria”

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