Amina Badiane Congratulates Minister Aliou Sow on a Successful Hosting of FESNAC

Dakar, Senegal

Amina Badiane, Miss Senegal National Committee President has congratulated the Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, Republic of Senegal, Professor Aliou Sow for the perfectly held 12th edition of Festival of Arts and Culture (FESNAC) at the enchanting destination Fatick, Senegal.

His Excellency, Macky Sallu, President, Republic of Senegal in a handshake with Hon. Aliou Sow, Minister of Culture and Historical, Senegal during FESNAC 2024 in Fatick.

Amb. Amina Badiane, President, Miss Senegal National Committee at FESNAC 2024

The 12th edition of FESNAC in Fatick has left a lasting impression with its scope and exceptional dimension, and indeed, Professor Aliou Sow with his magical wands has positioned FESNAC as an event of international standards for culture, arts and tourism in record time.

Putting her thought together on the Minister’s achievements in these sectors, Miss Badiane expressed her unwavering appreciation and thankful for the pivotal roles he has been playing in the national development and for supporting Miss Senegal so far in all the activities.

FESNAC has today become the flagship event of the national and international cultural ecosystem, thanks to your leadership.
I am very grateful to you for the titanic work done in favor of culture, and on behalf of the Miss Senegal National Committee, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for your decision to institutionalize this cultural event. I also thank you for your valuable support aimed at strengthening Miss Senegal which you have decided to make a major event in the national cultural calendar.
I wish you a great resounding success in your forthcoming assignments
“, she said.

It may be of Interest to know that Miss Senegal pageantry grand final will take place on the 27th January, 2024 in Dakar, Senegal.


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