GACCI 2023: Kazeem Balogun Appreciates Participants at the 2023 GACCI Awards

Lagos, Nigeria

The Founder of the Grassroots Africa Awards and Conference International, (Grassroots Africa Awards) Mr. Kazeem Balogun has extended his appreciation to the invited guests and participants at the recently held Grassroots Africa Awards, virtual edition which took place on the 23rd December on the theme “Activating the Well-being of the African Communities”.

In a message sent out on his social media handle, Mr. Balogun, who is also the CEO of Kalo Africa Media expressed his profound gratitude to God, the Keynote Speaker, Guests of Honour and the general participants.

“I thank the almighty God for the successful hosting of the 5th edition of GRASSROOTS AFRICA AWARDS, the virtual edition which took place yesterday.

Hon. Babatunde Johnson, the Executive Chairman of Orile Agege Local Council Dev’t. Area, Lagos receiving his two awards from Mr. Kazeem Balogun during the first edition of the Awards in Accra, Ghana

My special appreciation to Honourable Dine Bouraima, Vice President of African Tourism Board and CEO, Benin Royal Hotel, Cotonou, the Keynote Speaker; Hon. Mahmoud Mussa, the Lord Mayor of Zanzibar City, Guest of Honour; Amb. Michelina Sanquest, Goodwill Tourism Ambassador of Zambia in Rome, ltaly; Amb. Faouzou Deme and host of numerous participants from all over the world”, he expressed.

Mr. Kazeem Balogun, CEO Kalo Africa Media and Founder, Grassroots Africa Awards and Conference International Speaking to the media at the 2nd edition of event in Lagos, Nigeria

He also congratulated the recipients who received the awards and advised them not to relent but continue to create a conducive atmosphere within the continent as the supporters of African communities.

Hon. Dine Bouraima, Chairman of the Awards’ Jury presenting an award to one of the recipients at the 3rd edition of the event in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Also congratulating the recipients, this is a call for more commitment about African communities on your part”, he noted.

During the event, the Convener also. announced that the next edition of the event will take place in Zanzibar City.

Let’s converge on Zanzibar City for the 6th edition from 21-23 June, 2024.

Thank you, Gracia, e se pupo, merci beacoup, daalu, nagode, obrigado”.

The Grassroots Africa Awards and Conference International was initiated in 2019 when the team agreed to have its first edition in Accra, Ghana with the aim of recognizing some spirited individuals across the continent and beyond who have been supporting one course or another within the African communities.

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