GACCI 2023: African Community Stakeholders Call for Inclusive and Secured Communities for African Development

Lagos, Nigeria

Kalo Africa Media, a media organization based in Lagos, Nigeria but with a focus on African concerns has recognised some spirited individuals that are supporting African communities.

The recognition took place at the 5th edition of Grassroots Africa Awards and Conference International which took place virtually yesterday with the theme “Activating The Well-being of the African Communities” which consists of Grassroots Africa Awards.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Kazeem Balogun, the Founder/Convener of the event echoed the importance of more spirited Africans to start supporting their communities wherever and however they could in order to better the lots of many African communities especially at the Grassroots level.

Delivering his keynote address, Hon Dine Bouraima, Vice President of African Tourism Board and CEO, Benin Royal Hotel noted that African communities are being neglected by governments, but informed that such a trend should be reversed in order to secure the communities.

“It gives me a great pleasure to be with you all on this occasion of the 5th edition of GRASSROOTS AFRICA AWARDS AND CONFERENCE INTERNATIONAL, on the theme “Activating the well of African Communities”.

“As you are all aware, our communities across the continent remain the most significant part of our nations, yet governments tend to neglect the dwellers, putting much concentration on urban areas.

“It is however imperative to note that safe and secured communities across our continent would give us an assurance of a secured future for the coming generations.

“For the negligence on the part of the policy makers, some spirited individuals like those of you that will be recognized here today have taken it upon yourself to support these communities one way or the other.

“This trend is reflecting across board in all our life endeavors as Africans where there are lots of challenges in the sectors such as health, education, food, women , Youths among others.

  1. It should be noted that as a collective entity and individually we are obligated to support our communities wherever they are, hence my congratulations to the awardees that have continued to give out of their widow’s mite against all odds, l salute you all and to implore you not to relent on reaching out in whatever capacity you can.

8.On the last note, l want to commend the convener of this great initiative, who saw the need to encourage you to do more.

9.This type of recognize would give the recipients the impetus to what to do more, in supporting government at the community level, for. the betterment of our people.

10.I thank you all for being a part of this and, may I once more congratulate the recipients.

Hon. Mahmoud Mousa, the Lord Mayor of Zanzibar City: He gave kudos to the event organizer, Mr Kazeem Balogun for his unflinching support to the continent through his media and this award of recognition in which he said others must emulate for the continent to thrive. He was optimistic about having the event in his city and promised to give all the necessary supports.

Amb. Michelina Sanquest, Tourism Goodwill Ambassador of Zambia in Rome.
Also showed her appreciation to the recipients for doing a wonderful job and she expressed her commitment to Africa despite not being an Africa, by describing herself as “Mama Africa” judging at the level of her numerous achievements and support for Africa, herself being a philanthropist.

3.Award Convener and Founder of Grassroots Africa Awards and Conference International- Mr. Kazeem Balogun, CEO, Kalo Africa Media, in his opening speech gave the historical background of the event which according to him started in Accra, Ghana in 2019 and against all odds has survived to witness the 5th edition. While thanking the participants echoed urgency for more spirited minds within Africa and in the diaspora to support African communities just like those that were recognised.

He also said his organisation will not relent oh its oasis, but continue to appreciate and give due recognition to the African communities’ supporter. Mr. Balogun thanked them and announced also announced Zanzibar City as the next host of the Awards which will take place in June 2024.

  2. KEYNOTE SPEECH: Amb. Dine Bouraima, Vice President, African Tourism Board and CEO Benin Royal Hotel, Cotonou
    4.Goodwill Message: 1.Hon. Mahmoud Mousa, (Guest Speaker) The Lord Mayor of Zanzibar City.

2.Amb.Michelina Sanquest, Zambia Tourism Goodwill Ambassador in Italy.



1 Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, President, African Tourism Board, South Africa

  • Presented by Hon. Mahmoud Mousa
  1. Mr. Brahim El Mazned, Founder, Visa For Music, Rabat, Morocco.

-Presented by: Hon. Mahmoud Mousa

Ms. Ihuoma Harrisson
CEO, Steppers Arts Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.

Presented by: Amb. Michelina Sanquest,

Nana Adu-Akoratia IV,
Kumasi, Ghana,

Presented by: Amb Michelina Sanquest

Mrs, Torio James Fadumila
CEO, Royal Orchid Enterprises LLC, United States of America.

Presented by: Hon. Dine Bouraima

Mr. Adekunle Adebowale,
Passport Officer,
Nigeria Immigration Services, Abeokuta Command, Ogun State.

Presented by: Hon. Dine Bouraima

Queen Krystal Chanchangi
Founder/CEO Africa Multicultural World Foundation

Hon. Mahmoud Mousa

Dr. Augustine Chidiebere Njoku
CEO, Heart Alive Training Inc. USA

Presented by: Amb. Michelina

Amb. Peace Nwankaego Onuiri
Coordinator, Albino Foundation, Nigeria

Presented by: Amb. Michelina Sanquest

Mr. Bini Ouattara Daouda, Founder Adayé Kessie Foundation, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

Presented by:
Hon Dine Bouraima

Entertainment : by Olatunde Obajeun – (OBA)

Announcement: Venue of 6th edition.

Vote of Thanks : Abisoye Abati, CEO, Keras Tours

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