Amb. Faouzou Deme Upbeat About ATB in Senegal as Kom Kom festival Closes Today

Dakar, Senegal

As the Kom Kom festival drew its curtain today in the enchanting destination Senegal, Amb. Faouzou Deme representing the African Tourism Board alongside Amb. Amina Badiane have shown the optimism of country by representing the organization at an event.

This became evident through a statement issued by Amb. Faouzou Deme, expressing his cheerfulness, appreciation and request for more collaboration from the organisation in the future event.

In my capacity as ambassador, I represented Chairman Ncube Cuthbert and delivered a message of friendship of integration, strengthening resilience for even more efficient African tourism, closer to the people, more imbued with our cultures, our heritage and an opening of borders so that cross-border tourism becomes a reality.

“l also invited the actors of Senegalese tourism to come and adhere to the ideals and principles of ATB to consolidate the chain of cooperation and solidarity that the Chairman of ATB, with all the Ambassadors and members are in the process of solidifying to make more visible the shares of ATB.

Amb. Faouzou Deme with Amb. Amina Badiane at the Kom Kom festival

Explaning further, Amb. Deme informed about the readiness of the Senegalese tourism players to collaborate with their counterparts within ATB in order to foster more cordial relationship among tourism actors across the continent.

The members and colleagues of tourism regretted your absence but, they were delighted with my presence in my capacity representing the African tourism board. They are also attracted by the performances and achievements of ATB during the year 2023 and wish a massive presence of all ATB Ambassadors next year”, Deme said.

During the five day festivities, there were lots of positive developments and deliverables from B2B, sideline meetings and great deliberation at the conferences which touched on several salient themes on tourism, culture, crafts, the environment and humanity during the opening and at the end of the whole event.

To indulge in the beauty Senegal has to offered, delegates also undertook some excursions to several islands and mythical places in the natural region of Casamance.

It is expected that future Kom Kom Festival would leverage on ATB to further tap from both human and intellectual prowesses that the organisation musters to attract tourists and market African destinations to the world.


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