ATB, UACE Launch Allied Africa Initiative in Eswatini

The leading tourism organization in Africa, the African Tourism Board and the United Africa Communities of Eswatini which is an umbrella organization of the entire African communities in the Kingdom of Eswatini have launched the much anticipated ALLIEDAFRICA stategic initiative.

The synergy which emanated from the African Tourism Board’s office in the kingdom is such a dynamic one geared towards a merger dedicated to fostering unity among African countries and promoting economic growth in some of our
vulnerable communities.

Its primary mission is to alleviate poverty through various initiatives and support systems, with a particular focus on
empowering young entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners.

One of the key objectives of the ALLIEDAFRICA initiative is to organize tourism investment summits and networking events.

These summits will serve as platforms for connecting individuals, families and communities with organizations involved in the tourism sector and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and partnership opportunities, and creating strong African family bonds to nurture knowledge of the African history in our children.

The Project Coordinator and African Tourism Board’s Administrative Officer, Amb. Khanyisile Janesse Swane explained the rational behind this project and the potential embedded within it.

Amb. Khanyisile Jenesse Zwane , the Project Pioneer and Administrative Officer of African Tourism Board with Amb. Kenneth Onyekachi Ihemekw, Nigerian and Amb. Mohamed Yusuf Ali, Somalia

ATB is such a great organization that is focused on not just tourism, but on the welfare of humanity especially in the Kingdom of Eswatini which makes this partnership with the United African Communities of Eswatini a special one, as we are poised to delivering much more to our host country at the level of ATB in terms of giving back and also projecting the enchanting destination to the world through investment opportunities.

Our focus is hinged on sustainable tourism, and we are super excited to launch this initiative which will birth greater communities’ collaboration and advancement among our people, and ATB is leading this great initiative, we are so delighted at this”.

Reacting to the launched initiative, the President of The African Tourism Board, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube expressed his delight at as his organization synergised with other African communities in the Kingdom to foster a collaborative efforts aimed at catering to the communities and also promoting
tourism in Africa.

We want to assure our African communities in our host country, the Kingdom of Eswatini that with us, your communities will be better off especially as we are both navigating towards sustainable economic growth through welfarism and promotion of our destinations using the instruments of tourism in line with AU Agenda 2063 and UN Millennium Development Goals”.

This initiative, when implemented seeks to attract investments to the kingdom, also to create sustainable job opportunities for the communities and ultimately contribute to poverty alleviation, an initiative which will be replicated in all other African countries as we look inwardly to creating self reliance atmosphere among Africans in which tourism could play a pivotal role.

Present at the launch was Hon. Moses Vilakati, former Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Kingdom of Eswatini who facilitated ATB’s presence in the kingdom and has been very supportive and instrumental to the various ATB’s achievements in the Kingdom.

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