VFM2023: Global Musical Legends’ Recognition as 10th Edition Opens in Rabat

Rabat, Morocco

The 10th edition of Visa For Music started last night at Theater Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco with a recognition of some musical legends across the world.

Also, the International Music Council after its annual meeting joined VFM2023 to honour the legends.

The founder of VFM, Mr Brahim El Mazned was full of praises for the recipients of the awards in his speech for their contributions to the development of music globally.

Mr. Brahim Mazned, Founder, Visa For Music Speaking at the opening in Rabat yesterday

Speaking, after receiving his own awards, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, a musical legend from the United States of America appreciated the organisers for the recognition after which he performed alongside some famous artists in Morocco to thrill the full capacity audience.

Many artists within Africa and Beyond are currently in Rabat for the 4 day festivity of everything music.

The opening day was ended with a musical concerts by prominent artist groups such as Mariana Bosengo from Congo, Jamaaladeen Tacuma/ ‘Sagroove ala Maroc from United States of America with a thrilling closing from the group Meteor Airlines from Morocco.

Other aactivities that took place earlier in the day were carnival parade, artistic animation among other things at Ouartier Hassan Theater Mohammed V.

And late at night there were some performances on Azour Stage at Onomo terminus by Ouganda from France and BalQeis Live from Egypt.

Also on Croon Stage at Marriott Rabat performing simultaneously were Laroie from Canada and Mehdi Yaki from Maroc.

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