Hon. Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism, Malawi Advises Zanzibar Youths to Leverage on Tourism to Preserve Culture, Protect Planet and Shape Future

Being one of the Guest Speakers at the Zanzibar International Youth Tourism Summit 2023 which is holding in Zanzibar, Hon. Vera Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism, Malawi in her speech to the Zanzibar Youths which was delivered by Mr. Kelvin Sulugwe, 2nd Secretary for Tourism & Public Diplomacy, High Commission of Malawi to Tanzania on behalf of the Minister of Tourism Hon. Vera Kamtukule advised the Zanzibar youths on so many aspects of human endeavors where they could play impactful roles in their community and the world in general.

She admonished them to preserve their culture as their identity and protect the planet in order to safe humanity and be intentional about shaping their future.


Hon. Vera Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Malawi

Today, it is an honour that I stand before you to represent one of the most vibrant women in Africa, Hon. Vera Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism in Malawi. She is a leader, a soldier and an advocate for good change of what we are focussing on today, youth and tourism.

In an era marked by unprecedented connectivity and a growing concern for the world we inhabit, Malawi believes that it is crucial for us to recognize the symbiotic relationship between young people and the tourism industry.

This industry, when approached with a focus on people, planet, and prosperity, has the power to shape our future positively.

First and foremost, let us acknowledge the immense potential of our youth. Our Hon. Minister believes that the energy, creativity, and passion that define us can be harnessed to revolutionize the tourism sector. As young individuals, we possess a unique “perspective, freed by the limitations of past generations. Like our Honourable Minister always says on podiums, “ideas can breathe fresh life into the industry, ensuring that it remains vibrant and relevant.”

However, as we embark on this journey, we must never forget the importance of placing people at the centre of our endeavours. Tourism has the power to bridge cultural divides, foster understanding, and promote peace. As we explore new
destinations and interact with diverse communities, she believes we must
approach them with respect, empathy, and a willingness to learn. By doing so we can foster meaningful connections, break down stereotypes, and build a global community grounded in mutual respect. We must be inspired by other cultures while standing guard to our own identity so that it is not lost in the process of that inspiration. Our hope is in the youth who must preserve the ulture to carry forward for future generations. A people without identity are a lost people.

Hon Kamtukule’s message stands unaltered, she reminds us all that we must be mindful of the impact our actions have on the planet. Sustainable tourism is not
just a buzzword but a responsibility that we must wholeheartedly embrace.

Mr. Kelvin Sulugwe, 2nd Secretary for Tourism & Public Diplomacy, High Commission of Malawi to Tanzania, representative of Hon. Vera Kamtukule, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Malawi

Our actions today will determine the health of our planet for future generations. As young people, we must champion eco-friendly practices, minimize our carbon
footprint, and protect the natural and cultural treasures that make our world so extraordinary. By adopting sustainable practices, we can ensure that tourism remains a force for good, preserving the environment and benefiting local communities for years to come.

Finally, we must not overlook the economic potential of the tourism industry.When managed responsibly, tourism can be a catalyst for prosperity, driving economic growth, creating jobs, and alleviating poverty.

By investing in youth education and training, we can equip ourselves with the skills needed to thrive
in this sector and unlock a world of opportunities. As young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders, we can contribute to the economic development of our
communities, empowering those around us and creating a brighter future for all.

In conclusion, she asked me to say to everyone here present that youth and
tourism are tangled in a powerful bond. By embracing our role as change agents and approaching tourism with a focus on people, planet, and prosperity, we can
shape a future that is inclusive, sustainable and prosperous. She wants us seize this opportunity to create a tourism industry that celebrates diversity, protects
our planet, and empowers our communities. Together, we can build a legacy that future generations will be proud of.
Thank you.

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