ATB Patron, Taleb Rifai Eulogies the Organisation as AU Signs MoU with it in Addis Ababa

The patron of the African Tourism Board and former secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, Dr. Rifai Taleb has showered eulogies on ATB for sustaining the Africa tourism sector beyond all expectations.

This was contained in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Secretary of ATB, Amb. Hiwote Amberbir during the MoU signing ceremony between the organisation and the African Union in Addis Ababa recently.

“This is why ATB is important, this is a historic day as it caters for the so called sustainable development tourism in Africa. Sustainability is not just about the environment, as important and that is , it’s about social and economic sustainability in addition . ATB is the world’s body that does that for Africa . That is why this is a very important opportunity for all”, he said.

Speaking further, Dr. Taleb informed the gathering the importance of tourism as a socio-economic factor in Africa which to a larger extent played some significant roles in the development of the continent. He also described tourism as medium through which peace radiates among the people of the world. especially as a medium of peace.

“Today tourism is not only a significant economic sector , it is also a wonderful Peace Builder .it brings every body together and breaks down all barriers . One can never ever carry any feelings of resentment ,or stereotyping any nation after he has visited it ,had lunch or dinner with somebody at the host country
Listened to their stories . It’s people rubbing shoulders with people it’s the best medium to break down all stereotypes and foster world peace”

In his usual appraisal of the significant of Africa as the foremost touristic continent, he also eulogised the continent for being the cradle of humainty, knowledge and human civilisation, describing it as the birth place of humanity..

In his speech, he appreciated the leadership quality of Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, who has been playing a pivotal role at the helm of affair within the organisation as well as the leadership of the African Union for deeming it important to recognise tourism as one of the key contributing factors for Africa’s development which led to the MoU Signing.

He seized the opportunity to invite the world to visit Africa and It’s people rubbing shoulders with people it’s the best medium to break down all stereotypes and foster world peace . its particular important for Africa , where most of the people of the world today don’t know Africa it’s important that when they come they learn from us , they would know that all the people of the world came out of Africa , east Africa in particular is without doubt the birth place.
of mankind this is proven by everybody . Look at the BBC program “ the journey of Man “ it says it quit clearly .
My dear friends tourism is today what the world needs not just through creating jobs snd , providing income to many families of course if well managed and , this why ATB is important this is a historic

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