Youth and Skill Africa Hosts Festival During African Union Week in Collaboration with WEB Dubois Memorial Centre, Accra

The Youth and Skills Africa will be hosting its festival in collaboration with W. E. B Dubois and the African Union in will take between 23rd – 27th May, 2023 at the W.E.B Dubois Center in Accra.

During the festival period, guests, expatriates, ministries and sister agencies of the center and the embassies including the media launch will be take place on Tuesday 23rd May, 2023.

About Youths and Skills Africa

Youth & Skills Africa is a project arm under Friendzone Foundation, a legally registered company limited by guarantee in Ghana. The aim of Youth & Skills Africa is to promote Africa through tourism, Art and Fashion and promote the essence of skill acquisition among the youth and how it evidently contributes to the nation’s economy and Africa at large.

Youth & Skills Africa believes African tourism, fashion and art holds the history of Africa and strengthens the unity and will in building a strong an powerful continent which needs to be forever told and promoted.

Youth and skills Africa has participated in events that promote Ghana and tourism, hosted interviews to promote emerging talents among the youth and promote Ghana through Skills Acquisition and Exhibition.

They held their maiden edition of the GBG Fashion show & Art exhibition in December, 2022.

W.E.B DUBOIS Memorial Centre

The W.E.B. Dubois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture is an agency under the ministry of Tourism, arts and culture which has the facilities of the home where Dr. DuBois spent his last years, an Administrative building, the Marcus sarvey Guest House and Museum (the tomb of Dr. DuBois and his dear wife Shirley Graham Dubois.

Over the period, W.E.B Dubois Center under the auspices of the ministry of Tourism, arts and Culture has carried on this mandate to celebrate the African Union Day as a week in Ghana with the Accra Art and Craft Market and many other organizations of the vision’s interest and it has been successfully historic throughout and this year, 2023 is not an exception of the history to be made.

African Union Week 2023 Celebration

This year’s African Union Week Celebration will be hosted as usual by W.E.B Dubois Center under the auspices of the ministry of Tourism, arts and Culture in collaboration with Youth & Skills Africa, Brandafric Enterprise and Accra Art & Craft Market to promote and strengthen the unity among African countries through Art and culture (food and fashion).

The week will cover a list of activities which includes a press launch, an Awards night, Networking brunch and learn, Fashion Show, Trade Expo, etc.

The trade expo will run through the celebration with vendors from Accra Art & Craft Market and interested African vendors to trade and network.

You can buy your ticket for the awards night as low as GHS 60.00 for regular and GHS 100.00 for VIP tickets.

To purchase tickets, Dial 71333*123#

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