Yehia Elhajj, CEO of Vibes World Joins ATB’s Executive Board as the Organisation Restructures


In its continuous and unyielding drive towards restructuring, the African Tourism Board has added Mr. Yehia Elhajj, the chief executive officer of the Vibes World Ltd. as a new member of its Executive Board.

The decision became imperative considering the great level of commitment by Mr. Elhajj to the cause of ATB since his organization signed an affiliation MoU with ATB which has blossomed into many positive stories for Africa and created mutual benefits.

“We are glad to have Mr. Elhajj on our board. His level of commitment to ATB is enormous, and we hope he brings his wealth of experience to support our drive towards achieving our set goals for the African tourism” , said Cuthbert Ncube, President, ATB in a released statement.


Yehia El Hajj is the founder and chief executive officer of the Vibes World Ltd., which works with governments, destinations, venture capital, public investment funds, and private sector companies to build strong and sustainable businesses and successful tourism destinations. With over 20 years of leadership experience in high-growth, fast-paced organizations in the private sector, he has achieved a successful track record in building teams and companies from the ground up. 

El Hajj is known as a dynamic industry leader, respected for his expertise in developing strategies within travel and tourism management, leisure and travel technology. 

Being aware of the social impact of tourism and the possibility to combine business profitability with education, empowerment, luxury services and social welfare, has helped him to draw the future map of tourism around the world through several affiliates operating side by side, while making successful partnerships globally with the aim of making this aspect of the travel and tourism sector more competitive.

He is a strong advocate and believer of a thought that tourism is a positive force for good in the world. He is passionate about disruptive ideas, sustainability, technology and known as a sharp trouble-shooter.

The Vibes World

The Vibes World is a tourism and travel business oriented company is made up of a group of travel professionals from across the globe, holding over 20 years of experience. A highly focused and motivated team, working closely to creating a supply chain of services in the world of travel and tourism.

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