CTMB Collaborates with Porto Novo Town Hall to Make Porto Novo International Festival a Continental Affair

Porto Novo City-

The Consortium Touristes par Millions Au Benin (CTM-Benin) has joined collaborated with the Town Hall of Porto-Novo with the aim of making International Festival of Porto-Novo a continental affair.

This came up during a working visit by the CTMB team to the Mayor of the City of Porto-Novo, Charlemagne N. YANKOTY who received them with his own team as well at the Town Hall in Porto Novo, yesterday.

Dine BOURAIMA, President, CTM-Benin with Charlemagne N. YANKOTY, Mayor, Porto Novo City at the Town Hall in Porto Novo

Leading the CTMB team was the President, Dine BOURAIMA while the delegation was made up of some Executive Members of the organization namely Paulin VISSOH, Cleopatre KOUGNIAZONDE and a representative of the African Tourism Board, in the person of Kazeem BALOGUN who also represented the President of the organisation, Mr. Cuthbert NCUBE at the event.

The CTMBenin team at the Town Hall in Porto Novo with the Mayor

Dine BOURAIMA expressed his admiration for the efforts that are being made within the framework of the continuous improvement of the activities of the International Festival of Porto-Novo.

“…It is the biggest festival in international character that we have in Benin. You are doing a wonderful job; because, from year to year, it is a festival that improves and grows in scope…”

This, Bouraima said in the presence of the municipal authority, the 1st and 2nd Deputy Mayors and other Executives of the Department of Culture and Heritage, Porto-Novo Town Hall.

He continued by pointing out that the purpose of their presence at the Town Hall was to work in symbiosis and synergy with the Town Hall from this year so that in the years to come the festival would become one of the best festivals withhin the continent.

The Porto Novo Mayor’s team at the event

On his part, the proposal for collaboration in making the festival a advanced and professional one was warmly received by Mayor Charlemagne N. YANKOTY who also took the opportunity to share with his guests the new vision that the Municipal Council has for a sustainable organization of the said festival.

“… We think that to guarantee a certain sustainability in the effectiveness of the festival, it is necessary to outsource it, to see how to set up a completely autonomous organization in which the Town Hall will find itself with other actors who accompany us …”

The Mayor further invited CTM-Benin as the leading tourism organization in the country to join the Town Hall in the whole process for a better outcome.

“…Very quickly first, an agreement will be born to seal this collaboration between the City of Porto-Novo and the CTM-Benin and then we will see how we are going to do so that the CTM-Benin sits within the Committee which will be set up…” the Mayor concluded.

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