Equitorial Guinea Fam. Trip: Delegation Visits Bioko Island on its Discovery Mission

The 29 strong Member States delegation from 19 African countries on the mission to discovering the beautiful Equitorial Guinea was recieved with open arms as they landed at Bioko Island, Riaba City, another alluring tourist delight in Equatorial Guinea.

With pride and solidarity to the sustainable tourism campaign, the team was warmly received by the communities, visited a magnificent waterfalls that saturates the travellers’ appetite, and had a great interaction with the locals that have been integrated into the tourism value chain in the country.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube Chairman African Tourism exchanging pleasantry with the Mayor of Riaba, Hon. Tomas Elohd Sohlopa at the reception

The City is in an uncharted and virgin Island that hasn’t been fully explored by the regional, continental and global travellers.

The 19 Member States Representatives were consumed and intrigued by so much virgin landscapes that has been preserved for the benefit of the local communities and for quenching the visitor’s appetite.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman African Tourism Board discussing with Madam Catalina Martinez, Secretary of State for Tourism, Equitorial Guinea while Mayor Tomas Elohd Sohlopa and Governor Leon Ndong Monsuy watched in admiration

The welcoming ceremony was graced by the Mayor of Riaba Hon. Tomas Elohd Sohlopa who gave a free pass to the delegation in the Province that included the most preserved cultural and heritage sites, which took all the delegates back to their roots as we all were drawn to the commonalities of our African heritage that has joined all African countries with umbilical cod as Africans in Africa.

The delegates at an attractive water on the Island of Riaba

As ATB’s mission aims at fostering a cooperation in the tourism space in Equatorial Guinea and to provide collaboration by optimizing the country’s tourism business potential as the main focus is, based on Tourism Business lnvestments, Tourism Destination Marketing that will ultimately positioning Equatorial Guinea as a competitive destination that can effectively host International meetings, exhibitions and conferencing.(MICE)

The Secretery of State for Tourism Madam Catalina Martinez Asumu together with the ATB’s Executive Chairman Cuthbert Ncube shared their gratitude to the visionary Leadership of this ‘jewel of Africa’ in aligning tourism as a catalyst tool to enhance and drive eco-tourism in diversification by complementing the country’s mineral reserves that generates high volume of the country’s GDP.

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