Fam Tour : ATB Leads 29 Tourists from 19 African Countries to Equatorial Guinea

It was a classy, special and above all a breath taking welcoming of the leaders and champions of the tourism, conferencing and events management delagation that arrived in the enchanting Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, led by the African Tourism Board in its quest at unraveling the best kept tourism secrets of the alluring destination.

Equatorial Guinea is an undiscovered Jewel of the continent that offers so much to any travelers and investors at large with its wide range of low hanging fruits in a number of economic key sectors including tourism and the related.

ATB in its unflinching drive at reshaping Africa’s tourism and investment drive will be working closely with the government of Equatorial Guinea in brand-marketing this precious Jewel of the continent that aims at opening its tourism sector to the continent and the world at large.

Madam Catalina Martinez Asumu, Minister of State, Tourism, making her welcome remarks in Malabo

The great initiative that was born from the President’s visionary leadership in making tourism as the catalyst to driving a sustainable economic growth in the country.

In her remarks, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Madam Catalina Martinez Asumu who recieved the 29 member delegation from 19 African countries conveyed the affirmation from the office of His Excellency, Mr.TEODORO NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE in charge of Defense and National Security that Equatorial Guinea is open for investment and tourism economics, that the government has put mechanisms in place to boost the economy of the country through tourism.

Mr. Vincenzo Presto, CEO, Luxury Hotel Management, Madam Catalina Martinez Asumu, Minister of State, Tourism, Equitorial Guinea and Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman, African Tourism Board in Malabo

Driving the ATB’s vision and objectives, in conjuction with the AU’s 2063 agenda hinged on having a well progressive, sustainable, well coordinated and protected economy of the continent, in which the progress made by the citizens of all member states are perfected in an inclusive and synchronized approach.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman, African Tourism Board making his remarks in Malabo

The stability and eco-friendly systems and fastest growing economy of the country has created so much desire in boosting the infrastructure development, opportunities that are available are agriculture, telecommunications, fishing trading, exhibitions, and many more that are of immediate hanging fruits.

The opening and welcoming were attended by the local organizations who are part of the tourism value chain within the country.

The seven days fam trip will afford the ATB and the government to initiate and cement bilateral agreements that will drive the tourism sector and position the country that still remains the powerhouse of the continent with its strength, driven by oil reserves and cocoa, and having so much being invested in its citizens through infrastructure development and recreational facilities that have integrated ordinary citizens in the main stream of the economy, rated as one of the smartest, cleanest and safest countries in Africa.

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  1. Glory that the industry is getting improved day by day, and touristic event’s are going on. We thank God for East Africa elections and politics successful ended, The July summer season has opened and polished many businesses and activities. In September 15th-18 Uganda ?? expects over 8k people coming all over the day world to visit the longest river called the Nile in Eastern Uganda place called Jinja City.
    Confidence Africa Tours Uganda wishes the ATB members a great tour hope one day we shall meet in any other events.
    For God and my life ?

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