ATB Congratulates Kenyans and the President – Elect, William Ruto on his Victory Through the Voice of the People

As the old dictum goes , “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”, it is on this premise that the Executive Chairman of African Tourism Board, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, on behalf of the most leading tourism organisation extended a congratulatory message to the good people of Kenya and the President-Elect, Mr. William Ruto on his Victory at the recently held Presidential election in the country.

It was indeed the people’s choice and God’s approval, creating the most exciting moments in the history of the East African Member State of ATB. And Kenya, being one of the leading countries in the tourism space, the voices of 7.18 million ( 50.49 percent) echoed their choice of leadership, earning the most progressive capital of tourism in East Africa a new dawn in the political space.

“We congratulate the good people of Kenya for making their one voice heard through the election and we congratulate also President-elect, William Ruto who will become Kenys’s 5th President since independence from British colonization in 1963.

“In his nomination as the first citizen of the Republic of Kenya, we believe that his ascension will be of major benefit torwards continuation and growth in the tourism economic development that has been a contributing factor torwards the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

“ATB enjoys a cordial relationship with Kenya in our drive towards promoting Africa as a single destination, and in creating a viable tourism economy, we will continue to harness and pollinate by advancing Africa’s unique and diverse offerings accross the regional boarders of the continent”, Chairman Ncube said.

African Tourism Board Believes the continent is an untapped goldmine for tourism industry of the world, also having a very strong conviction about the future of the tourism industry in East and continental Africa based on a massive potential, and Kenya is a cynosure, having a prominent role to play, therefore, the organisation will continue to advocate for a more concerted, unified and synchronized drive, targeting the market niche areas such as the domestic adventures, arts and cultures exposure, aviation viability, hospitality proficiency, sports tourism promotion, entertain-tourism synchronization and harnessing natural eco-tourism among others, in order to advance the continent, tourism wise.

ATB has partnered enchanting destination Kenya on many occasions where it has always been a win win situation and the organisation’s leadership believes it will continue to maintain the great working-cordial relationship between the two entities, geared towards ensuring a robust continental sustainable tourism.

African Tourism Board is a not for profit organization based in the Kingdom of Eswatini with a continental and global presence through its various Brand Ambassadors in all the major destinations. Its mandates are hinged on rebranding and reshaping Africa’s narratives, promoting intra Africa travel and tourism and serving as a bolster to African airlines through the expansion of domestic travel market.

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