Benin Republic to Unveil 3 Monuments in Cotonou Tomorrow, Celebrates Independence on 1st August


All arrangements have been concluded for Unveiling ceremony of the three newly constructed monuments of touristic attraction in the economic capital of Benin Republic, Cotonou.

The unveiling which will take place tommorrow, by 10: 00 am local time will be performed by the President of the Republic, Mr. Patrice TALON, who has been very instrumental to the beautiful outlook the country assumes now.

The unveiling aims to restore the memory of the people of Benin and to protect the cultural heritage of the small French colony of West Africa.

The Monuments:

1.Bio Guera Monument
2.The Amazon Monument
3.The Monument to the Devoted.

“The unveiling of these cultural, historical and tourist gems is also part of the of a new state of mind of the Beninese population and the strengthening of national unity”, an official statement stated.

Recently, President Emmanuel Macron visited the country to thank his counterpart on the election victory in the best General in the country.

President Talon has been focused on the development of Benin Republic, way back especially through tourism.

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