ITIC Tourism Investment Summit to Take Place in Bulgaria Between 12th-14th September, 2022

All preparations are in motion for the staging of the International Tourism Investment Corporation (ITIC) Summit slated for 12th-14th September, 2022, being its Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe version, will take place at the coveted Hyatt Regency Hotel in the beautiful city of Sofia, the capital of destination Bulgaria, and the theme for the summit is “UNLOCKING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN SUSTAINABLE TOURISM IN CENTRAL, EASTERN AND SOUTHEAST EUROPE”.

The aim is to facilitate investment, unravel and tap into the tourism opportunities, as investors in the tourism industry are increasingly paying attention to the social and environmental footprint of their projects, where the Central, Eastern and Southeast European regions offer unrivalled opportunities for new hospitality developments in terms of greater sustainability, resilience and innovation.

The tourism summit will bring policy makers, tourism ministers, project owners and investors together in order to unleash the tourism potential of the region for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially the local communities.

For investors, private equity firms, fund managers and financiers in quest of novel business opportunities, this event will serve a greater lifetime opportunity, since these parts of Europe are still endowed with unspoiled natural sites to be integrated to international travellers’ routes.

The Chairman of ITIC and Invest Tourism Limited and former Secretary-General of UNWTO, Dr Taleb Rifai sums it up :

“Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe have an impressive diversity of cultural and heritage sites. Hospitality development needs to be unlocked for these markets to realise their full potential. Through our summit, we will bring our contribution in fostering investments and partnerships as well as shape better tourism policies to make these regions become tommorrow the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.”

Ibrahim Ayoub, the Group CEO, ITIC also says:

“This Summit aims at encouraging a paradigm shift for the social inclusiveness of tourism investments and act as a change enabler, as these destinations have a diverse and rich cultures, also a historic legacy.

“We aim at putting forward Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe to reveal the extent of their untapped tourism potentialities and the vast opportunities in terms of new infrastructure and services.

“Furthermore, in this post covid-era, and looking at the challenges of the sector in the region, the tourism ministers attending the summit will be laying down the foundations of a new roadmap aimed at enhancing these regions’ long-term tourism attractiveness by exchanging views and joining forces through collaborative common initiatives”.

The mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova points out:

“I am glad that the International Tourism Investment Corporation has chosen Sofia as a host. Sofia accounts for 40% of the country’s GDP and has a huge tourism potential, we promote the development of the city as a tourist destination and invest in revealing its rich cultural and historical heritage, because tourism is an important factor in the economy of our city.”

In the same vein, Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova, Member of Parliament and Deputy Chair of Tourism Committee and former Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria expresses her confidence:

“The ITIC Summit will increase the visibility of Bulgaria and of the region, leading to a sustained growth in investment in the sector.”

About the organisers :

International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC) is a London, UK based company that acts as an enabler between the tourism industry and leaders of the financial services to facilitate and structure investments in sustainable tourism projects, infrastructures and services that benefit destinations, project developers and the local communities through social inclusion and shared growth. ITIC team undertakes extensive research to shed new light and perspectives on tourism investment opportunities in the regions in which they operate. In addition to their conferences, they produce high-quality documents and publications and add value to the brands of their clients by devising cutting-edge marketing strategies.

To find out more about ITIC and its conferences in Cape Town (Africa); Bulgaria (CEE & SEE regions); Dubai (Middle East); London UK (Global Destinations) and elsewhere please visit

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