Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania to be Developed by Oman Airports

Oman Airports signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company (KADCO) on Monday to develop a VIP passenger terminal in Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Following the agreement, Tanzania will benefit from Oman Airports’ experience in airport management and VIP services.

The MoU was signed by Abdul Nasser Abdullah al Yamani, vice-president, Business Development, Oman Airports, and Christine Mwakatobe of KADCO.

The MoU stipulates that Oman Airports will undertake the development of the General Terminal for VIPs and hangar facility at Kilimanjaro International Airport, development of a five-star hotel for passengers and a business complex/shopping mall in the airport. The MoU has scope for development of other facilities that may be agreed upon mutually between the parties.

‘This partnership will serve in developing the facilities referred to in the text of the MoU to ensure the provision of high-standard services as part of efforts to raise revenues for both the Tanzanian government that owns the airport and Oman Airports,’ a press release said.

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