KDCCF 2022: Hon. Kereng Calls for Domestication of Tourism, Emphasises Collaboration Among Africans and Donates to the Communities

Day one at the Khawa Dune Challenge and Cultural Festival, no doubt presented an all engaging atmosphere, as the day was filled with endless pageantry, witnessed by thousands of attendees who defiled the sandy terrain, the desert heat and the chilling weather to attend this coveted annual festivity that was once disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event started with a prompt press briefing that had in attendance the Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats, Members of the Press and other invited Guests.

She also presented fully furnished camping tents to the Community Trustee for the use of the local communities where she once more laid emphasis on the need to domesticate tourism for the benefit of the custodians of the lands, the resources, the heritage and culture.

Hon. Philda Nani Kareng, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Botswana making her opening remarks

The Chief host, Hon. Philda Nani Kereng, Minister of Environment and Tourism called for domestication of tourism in the country, emphasised collaboration and also hinted on the importance of timing especially on an event of such magnitude that has attracted scores of Batswanas converging to celebrate their heritage as well as invited foreign dignitaries like the MEC of the Northern Cape Government from South Africa who presented tourism materials to her as a way of showing tourism solidarity, aiming at further cementing the cordial existing relationship, also serving as a first step torwards creating a route that wolud join the two countries in their zeal to promoting tourism in the Southern sub-region of Africa.

The evening was engulfed and beautifully lighted with an undescribable excitement among scores that thronged into the stadium constructed purposely and specifically for the event, as music filled the desert like never before, sending positive energy into the air and affording nature to sync with humanity.

Expectedly, various cultural groups demonstrated their unique, yet richly inspired Afrocentric dances and movements of unequal magnitude that left the crowd into electrifying moment that had been denied, but expected to usher in a new hope for life after lockdowns.

Passionately, dignitaries present threw caution into the wind as they could not hold themselves rather joined in the frenzy that rented the air by stepping on the stage to add impetus and panache to the cultural dance that seemed like a VIPs dancing competition.

Alas! it was a night of reconnecting to self, as tourism demonstrated once again to be the catalyst that binds humanity together and truly brings smiles to faces that had been once despaired aftermath of the pandemic, a good example being these communities where both young and old earn sustainance, and more germane, happiness, have no other choice than to celebrate another unique opportunity which comes once in a year with so much enthusiasm in continuation of their livelihood.

Sharing in the joy and also showing appreciation, the Executive Chairman of ATB, Hon. Cuthebert Ncube applauded the government of Botswana and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for organizing such an event right at the door step of the Communities within the Kgalagadi District Council-a desert terrain of around 700 kms from Gaborone,the capital.

There is no doubting the fact that destination Khawa which is in its pristine and surrounded by heeps and hill of sand that are formed by the swelling wind where motorbikes, SUV 4×4’s, Circuits cars,Cultural affinity,footballing,volleyballing among others find their way among the communities displaying their skills and abilities to compete would in no distance future take over from the likes of Dubai deserts.

Definitely, the uniqueness and diversity prevalent in this space are extremely standing the continent out as the world watches Botswana promulgating its magical tourism prowess, in its undiluted format by the same natural umbilical cord of Africanism,thereby sending the waves across the globe.

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