Hon. Mahmoud Muhammed Mussa, Mayor of Zanzibar Urges Citizens to be Conscious of their Environment and Promote Tourism

The Honorable Mayor of Zanzibar City, Mahmoud Mohammed Mussa, has urged all Zanzibaris to be conscious of their environment by ensuring they take a very good care of it, especially the heritage sites, and Importantly their immediate surroundings in order to remain healthy and ultimately preserve and develop the heritage sites for the present and future generations of Zanzibaris and the entire humanity.

He said this while making his remarks during the celebration of “World Heritage Day” 2022 with the theme: “Heritage and Climate” which coincided with the planting of mango seedlings in the many mango bungi neighborhood within the city.

Mayor Mohammed Mussa further requested tour operators and guides to use the area of ​​the bungi adequately to promote tourism by sending visitors there as the vicinity within ​​Ms. khole received more attention and has been been strengthened thereby looking more enchanting which can attract more tourists from all over the world.

Zanazibar island has been one of the fascinating destinations in Africa and it promises to remain on top of her game in terms of facilitating further beautification which will increase the number of visitors to the Pacific Ocean island city.

You will recall recently, that, Mayor Muhammed Mussa attended the World Travel Market -Africa 2022 in Cape Town at the invitation of African Tourism Board and ITIC where he presented papers that informed the gathering about the giant strides the city has been taken in the recent time, which are now paying off with relevant development across the city.

Zanzibar will be hosting the renowned FESTAC FESTIVAL any moment from now, it is expected to welcome many tourism and cultural individuals as well as international tourists to the city to participate and savour the hospitality of the zanzibar city as well as other adjoining Pemba and Spice archipelagoes.

African Tourism Board has also been very pro-active and committed to working in strides to brand-market African destinations especially the jewel of the horn of Africa, Zanzibar.

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