WTM Africa 2022: Mayor Mahmoud Mohammed Musa of Zanzibar Island Calls for Investment Across Africa, Invites the World to visit the region for Leisure and Business

A destination cynosure during the WTM Africa 2022 in Cape Town was the enchanting Island of Zanzibar where its Mayor, Hon. Mahmoud Muhammed Mussa took to the centre stage inviting the world to visit the beautiful Island, saying the region is ready for investment opportunities and also to other parts of Africa in oder to usher in a wholistic development through pragmatic strategies.

He made the calls in his presentation which couldn’t have been done better in any other language than Swahili in which the context proudly further set the pace for Africa to officially affirm the language as the continental medium of communication of preference in all member states as being adopted by the African Union.

“There is no question that we in the African region have all attractions needed for tourism industry development. The question is, how best to invest in this industry as one continent and make sure we gain economically, socially as well as environmentally. We need sustainable tourism investment for ourselves and our future generations the Lord Mayor said.

Appreciating the gesture and affirming the presence of Zanzibar to be a part of the WTM Africa in promoting investment in the tourism Industry, the destination being known by the world renowned Spice Island of Africa, coupled with being a tourism destination hub in the continent in terms of so much that the Island has to offer.

The Lord Mayor believes that Zanzibar would be ready to cooperate with other member states and make sure the question of safeguarding the environment has no discussion.

“We must protect our environment and make our continent a best place to live today and tomorrow, and let it be a new tourism area for the future”,he said.

He also emphasised the need for the convergence and the necessity to bring about tourism development in the region which can not be done accidentally but through laying down a strong foundation and strategies to ensure the African vision is successfully achieved.

In his closing remarks, an open door was presented, as the lord Mayor extended an invitation to the world to visit the Spice Island to witness the best of Africa tourism attractions such as the beautiful beaches, historical UNESCO World Heritage Site -the Stone Town and other achipelagoes among other great attractions.

Lord Mayor Mahmoud Muhammed Mussa (second from left) with other VIPs at the WTM Africa 2022 in Cape Town

Cuthbert Ncube, the ATB Chairman also attested to the most dazzling offerings of Zanzibar as having so much investment opportunities in the tourism value chain, with freindly policies and a conducive environment for business and leisure.He also emphasized the need to sustain and deepen tourism success stories through strategies needed to disperse within the continental domestic and community best tourism practices to accelerate an inclusive approach in a drive to energizing continental economies and thereby spreading the immense range of benefits that will improve the livelihood of African communities with so much emphasy on Zanzibar and other adjoining Islands within the region.

The world famous Zanzibar stands as a Jewel of Africa, a hub for tourism with enourmous investment opportunies waiting to be tapped by willing investors thereby according her the rightful space when it comes to best choice destination within the continent, a decision that the current administration in the Island has been working on by opening the region up for the future to be more brighter .

ATB Chairman joined the Mayor to further extend invitations to the delegates at the WTM Africa to explore Zanzibar’s offerings for both business and leisure breakaways.

Zanzibar is an Island region of Tanzania with its own autonomous government with so much drive and great passion to promote its tourism potential to the rest of the world that would bring about future investment for a great development of the region.

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