Kenya Airways Pilots Honour Cuthbert Ncube,Chairman, ATB with Cockpit Invitation as Discussion Starts on Strategic Partnership


As Africans, when we start to recognize individual and collective efforts at building and reshaping the continent, then, we have started to change the African narratives to what we want. This is what played out on the 11th March, 2022, when the Chairman of African Tourism Board, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube received a recognition on Kenya Airways – flight KQ 762 from Nairobi to Johannesburg with an invitation to the most reserved space on any aircraft – the cockpit, by the African Pilots.

This act of recognition indicates the important roles that the African Tourism Board has been championing especially in the tourism space in Africa, where the organisation has facilitated so much among individuals and organizations within and beyond the continent.

Reacting, Hon. Ncube expressed his delight at such a recognition, eulogising the dexterity and dedication to duty by the entire cabin crew of Kenya Airways for connecting the continent seamlessly.

“Having had a first hand royal treatment on flight KQ 762 on the 11th March, 2022 from Nairobi to Johannesburg, may I applaud the cabin crew for their hospitality and professionalism displayed beyond the call to duty, they are indeed true Ambassadors not only for the aviation sector but for the continent as a whole.
The two gentlemen -Pilots, who sit on the cockpit are indeed what Africa prides herself on , true passion and love beyond duty but for the continent . Congratulations to these brand Ambassadors of our travel sector and let’s all proudly reflect the true hospitality in our positions of responsibilities as we accellerate and activate the travel economy in Africa”. Ncube said.

He further indicated that Kenya Airways being one of the top ten highly rated airlines globally, it truly deserves the appellation the “Pride of Africa”.

“ATB recognizes Kenya Airways to be one of the best Airlines on the continent, they have afforded a seamless connectivity within member States and was rated 10th on Global airlines rankings.The continent has gone through the most challenging times for the past 3 years especially within the aviation space. It is therefore befitting to note the strides and dedication to keep the connectivity and business sacrifices the aviation industry especially on the continental travel that has disadvantaged most of the domestic market segments being pushed back in terms of high demands and requirements on health protocols and high escalation rate on tickets and visas procurement”.

“Kenya Airways remains competitive in its strides for a more wider continental travel connectivity, hence earning the ‘pride of Africa’ ”, Ncube noted.

ATB Chairman also disclosed that discussions will start in earnest on the need to create a strategic partnership between the two organizations that are willing to accelerate the developmental agenda on the continent as being promulgated and driven by the AU, especially in the tourism and travel sector.

In the recent time, Kenya Airways has been in a discussion with South Africa Airways with a MoU on the need to synergise and create a formidable pan-African airline to further serve the continent.

African Tourism Board applauded this great initiative as it prepares to unveil its secretariat on the 25th March, 2022 in the Kingdom of Eswatini where major tourism players including some Ministers of Tourism are expected to converge and celebrate a new chapter in the life of the most prominent tourism organization within the continent and a global presence through its various Ambassadors.

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