Quality Education for African Children and Youths Tops the Agenda as ATB, ACTDF Delegations Return from Zanzibar

Education for all African children and Youths was a top priority of African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) and African Tourism Board as both delegations rounded up their working visit to the Islands of Zanzibar recently.

During the visit, a courtesy call was made to the ministry of education in the region, but it was an inconclusive one based on the fact that, the Minister in Charge was unavoidably absent due to an urgent official emergency call from another part of the Islands that concerned the pupils.

Fortunately, a top Director in the ministry of education met the delegation while attending to another important conference in the sector at the Golden Tulip Airports, Zanzibar where a short but fruitful meeting was organized.

The Director listened to the delegations points and promised to relay the discussion to the Minister on his return but he applauded the initiative and promised to ensure an adequate recommendation to the new Minister.

Part of the discussion at the meeting was the mechanism to be adopted in the disbursement of the remaining 19 scholarships meant for the children and youths of Tanzania of which the Tourism wizkid, Sharon Ringo received one to study at the prestigious Harvard University, USA.

The elated Director also shared the planning within the ministry with the delegation saying the schorlaship is in tandem with the agenda of their ministry.

Although, there was a cabinet reshuffling as at the time of the visit which saw Hon. Leila Mohamed Mussa, former Minister of Tourism and Heritage redeployed to the ministry of education, which presented a great opportunity for the delegation to meet her again to kick start the process during their next visit.

You will recall that the delegation met with Hon. Leila Mohamed Mussa in her office as the former Minister of Tourism and Heritage, where various areas of collaborations were established.

It is expected that the work would continue as the easthwhile Minister of education, Zanzibar, Hon. Risiki Pembe Juma would be heading the Ministry of Tourism and Heritage, Zanzibar.

“Getting our children and youths educated across the continent remains a top priority on our agenda at ACTDF. We are looking at the less privileged children and youths in our society that are brilliant but whose parents cannot afford to give them quality education,those are the people we are targeting to receive this scholarships.

“They must also be of good behavior, that’s why we want the education ministry with the approval of their teachers to recommend those children and youths that behave well, brilliant and from a modest background”.

“These are what we will be working on as we prepare to award the scholarships to the deserving children and youths in Tanzania”, Engr. Dr. Noah Dallaji, Founder and President, African Children Talent Discovery Foundation said.

Corroborating him, the Executive Chairman, African Tourism Board also emphasized the need to prioritize the issue of education which he believes would solve most of the challenges Africa faces, thereby applauding the steps being taken by ACTDF in collaboration with ATB.

“Allow me to emphasize the urgent need to look into our educational sector as a catalyst to solving some challenges bedvilling the continent, hence my appreciation to Engr. Dallaji’s ACTDF in collaboration with ATB, which is a great step in the right direction for Africa’s drive for quality education for its children and youths from the private sector perspective”, Ncube emphasized.

It is expected that a concluding working visit will be arranged for the disbursement of the schorlaships to the children and youth Tanzania which is the priority for the delegations.

ACTDF is a not-for-profit foundation which aims to facilitating quality education for African youths and children using all available avenues like sports to reaching its target audience under the leadership of Engr. Dr. Noah Dallaji, a business mogul from the Northern part of Nigeria with a detribalised mindset for Africa’s advancement.

ATB is a not – for – profit organization with a vision to changing the Africa’s narratives using tourism as a catalyst to providing solutions for Africa’s challenges with its headquarters in the Kingdom of Eswatini and having many brand Ambassadors across the world.

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