Hon. Najib Balala Receives both ATB and ACTDF delegations in his Office, Agree on Tripartite Arrangements

Still exploring Kenya’s enormous opportunities, the ATB and ACTDF delegations were warmly received by Hon. Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary, Tourism and Wildlife, Kenya, at his office in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya which has been transformed to a tourism hub of East African block recently.

Hon. Balala took time off from his busy schedule on the sideline, as his country hosted the special 50th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations Environment Program Session which focused on strengthening the implementation of the environmental dynamics in line with the 2030 agenda in sustainable development.

Discussions were centered around many areas, one of which is connectivity in which Hon. Balala has been at the forefront working to creating a more seamless travel approaches especially in the East African community, on accessibility to travel using a unified visa system that enables seamless travel within the region.

Certainly, connectivity remains a thorn on the path of Africa at large, especially as it concerns pricing which has been the dominant factor in the hindrance of progress for a more dynamic domestic market as well as visa issue.

The Minister appealled for an urgent need for Member States and the aviation sector to create a partnership that will enable the crafting of a more resilient and united approach on developing mechanisms that will enhance and create a positive economic development across the the continent in its strive to promoting collaborations in the recovery process of the tourism sector as discussions are in process between Kenyan Airways and South African Airways.

It was the meeting of giants within the tourism space and with Dr. Noah Dallaji whose unwavering support to the cause of youth in the continent through his African Children Talent Discovery Foundation has driving the 2063 AU’s agenda in terms of fulfillment on youth development program has shaped the destiny of so many of young people in Africa through scholarships.

The Minister acknowledged and showed appreciation to the foundation’s mission and vision to which he believed knowledge and education will be impacted and well as empowerment for African youths and a need to incorporate into the educational syllabuses the need for skills acquisition that will enable graduates to restructure their lives into productivity.

Engr. Dallaji elaborated on the various projects they have embarked on across the continent and beyond through sports tourism and educational tourism.

A collaborative make up was agreed on by the Hon. Minister between the tripartite organizations, the Kenyan Government, ATB and ACTDF on strategic programs that will enhance and progress the objectives of community empowerment.

Kenyan government has advanced its drive for a clean environment through ban on plastic usage in the country as part of sanitation dimension that has been one of the challenges in sustaining a clean and freindly environment where the Minister emphasized his commitment on a green energy and his ambition in developing an implementable strategies by creating mechanisms that are conducive for African communities.

ATB also advocates for a well structured and coordinated approach and forming a robust partnership between the public and private sector in driving the recovery process on the sector that has been adversely impacted by the set backs created by the pandemic.

They all agreed that strategic stakeholders must come together and break the syndrome that has failed to unify but resolved to ensuring Africa fulfills the 2063 AU agenda which aims at uniting and progressing the continent.

Bilateral engagements are on going in Kenya with a number of tourism stakeholders on the need to reshape and rebrand of the continent as a destination of choice.

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