His Imperial Majesty, King Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife Receives His Majesty, King Tackie Teiko from ‘GA’ Kingdom of Ghana in his Palace

His Imperial Majesty, King Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, Ooni of Ife, has received his royal counterpart His Majesty, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II of GA Kingdom from Ghana in his Ile-Oduduwa Palace in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Ooni expressed his excitement at the visit of King Tackie which he described as “homecoming” because of the anscestral connection which ‘GA’ people of Ghana shares with the Yoruba people of Nigeria in a statement made available to the media yesterday.

“It was an endless honour for me to formally welcome His Majesty, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II of Gã State in Ghana’s southern region, and his royal entourage, to the eternal throne of his Ancestor, Odùduwà. For the offspring of Odùduwà, who have dispersed over the world as a consequence of colonial influence and penetration, this is a watershed point in history. This trip is a homecoming for King Tsuru II and the Gã people, who have their ancestral roots in Ilẹ -Odùduwà after so many years of being away. It brings joy to my heart to receive the descendants of Oduduwa from the GA region. You are welcome back home, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II”. Ooni said.

Ooni further expantiated on the purpose of the visit, tracing the lineage of ‘GA’ people back in the history of Ile – Ife of the ancient time.

His Majesty also informed the gathering how close the ‘GA’ people of Ghana are to the Yoruba people of tribe, being from the same anscestral Progenitor called Oduduwa, from whom many of his offsprings spread to different parts of West Africa and beyond.

Ojaja II, berated the colonial system that created senseless borders that brought about division among brother. He also charged Africans to tell their own stories themselves rather than allow foreigners to do such.

“During the ancient time of Ifẹ̀ akànlúbé̩bẹ́, they emanated from Àgá ko from Ilode quarters in Ife and thier compound is still there till date in current Ile- Ife !!! They took Oduduwa crown and administrative structures with the likes of onípopo, onínàná, onísàbé and alákétu. Their compound house still exists in Òtu Ifẹ̀, adjacent to olokun Walode along Ó̩sun, which was their playing field many centuries ago. It’s worth noting that divinations were performed before departing. They conducted ifá in 3 different areas: (a) Òkè Ìtasẹ̀, (b) Òkè Ìlérí, (c) Òkè Àgbọnmìrègún where they discovered that the land was gifted to the people of ‘GA’ by Olódùmarè. While they proceeded on their voyage in a group of seven brothers, some chose to halt and start a new life in Togo, some in the Republic of Benin, and while others settled in, Ẹgbado etc”, Ooni explained further.

“They left with the Olokun deity, whom they still remember to this day, having been discernibly blessed by Olódùmarè through Odùduwà, as revealed by the divinations. In today’s Ilẹ-Ifẹ̀, everyone In Òtu Ifẹ̀ is familiar with the compound name, which was shortened to ‘GA’. King Tsuru II acknowledged that his ancestral home was Òtu Ifẹ̀, and I’m sure many of you are unaware that the name ‘GA’ is derived from the Kingdom of Ifẹ̀. The Gã people are blessed with a vast and very rich landscape, which demonstrates Olokun’s undying affection for them, as some of them are even situated in Ethiopia and Sudan. Years ago, I was with them during their challenging times. We looked at their origin, prayed and pleaded with Olódùmarè to show mercy, liberate them from servitude, and bring the people back to brighter days. Olodumare deserves all the acknowledgement for listening to our prayers”, Ooni said.

“Till date, it’s regrettable that the colonising expedition’s designed artificial boundaries that termed Greater Accra the Gold Coast, whereas Nigeria is referred to as the Slave Coast. Our historical documents and transcriptions are treasures of ancient and present African kingdoms, We are all entrusted with the monumental responsibility of preserving our past. They are made up of numerous strands that must be protected and stored appropriately. Our own long-established erudition and expertise must intellectually lead and mould their narratives, meanings, interpretations, and economic values. No one is better at telling and interpreting our history than we are”, he advised.

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